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Since 30 years ago ZANFELD has been the home of various famous Collections of Jewelry and Electroformed Silver Sculptures. Shop with us and find out what it means to be part of ZANFELD family

For Store Owners

For Store Owners

We manufactured Fine Jewelry for the Leading Retail Jewelers all over the world. Register now, so you can get an account today. Contact us about our wholesale and quantity ordering options

Welcome to Zanfeld Jewellery, where our collections of gorgeous sterling silver and 14k gold gemstone jewellery and electroformed silver sculptures will astound you.

Six Generations at the Jewelers Bench

Situated in iconic Taxco, Mexico for over 30 years where we are always reevaluating and perfecting our craft and techniques into an art form uniquely our own. 

Our production consists of skilled handicraft and personally developed techniques that elevate each piece to the high standard of quality in which we hold. We make mainly sterling silver jewellery and silver electroformed sculptures. 

We have collections for every style and occasion you may be looking for and would like to invite you to visit us the next time you come to Mexico!

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