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Modern Blue Topaz Silver Ring

113.76 USD SKU: R-15022

A beautiful modern blue topaz silver ring featuring a polished sterling silver band set with a large faceted blue topaz accented with a smaller one.

Geometrical dimensions

Width of the ring upper part — 14 × 20 mm

Approximate weight

Sterling silver — 4.8 g

Long Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Necklace

312.15 USD SKU: N-15021

Sterling silver blue topaz necklace with long drop links, a large topaz, and a triangular pendant with a smaller topaz and two silver threads.

Geometrical dimensions

Actual size of the main part — 78 × 15 mm
Total length of the necklace — 450 mm

Approximate weight

Sterling silver — 27.0 g

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings

171.22 USD SKU: E-15020

Sterling silver blue topaz earrings featuring a large faceted blue topaz, triangular pendants and two long silver threads with a smaller faceted blue topaz.

Geometrical dimensions

Actual size — 78 × 13 mm

Approximate weight

Sterling silver — 10.5 g